Don’t break our heart till the extent it gets shattered.

Posted by ಶ್ರೀನಿಧಿ ವಿ.ನಾ. on 30-Sep-2016
Dear Fawad Khan,
Since everybody is into this open letter to you and intellectuals from Pakistan are hell-bent on belittling us, let’s see some issues. I know you won’t read this and yes I know it’s an open letter, you are a passive entity, if that makes any sense! And yeah, you are addressed on behalf of all the other artists that we embrace from your country.

Let me clarify in the beginning itself that I don’t have any problem with you;

I do not hold you responsible for the atrocities committed by your country.

I do not hold grudge on you, for all the return gifts we get when we welcome you; do you know what the return gifts are? Your army allows terrorists through the LoC and we get killed. Still we do not question you being here because we want peace and we are rational enough to separate you coming here from these terrorist activities.

Let me tell you Fawad, there are native artists who are way more talented than you are; there are singers who probably sing better than the lot which comes from your nation. While we embrace you folks and shower you with opportunities, a lot of our own talented people go unnoticed. Still we do it.

Imagine as nation extending our warmth; as a mark of it our PM stopping in Lahore to wish your PM and soldiers getting hit on our soil the next day itself. I know you will say, you have nothing to do with those attacks, so will your PM, it doesn’t hurt because we know that yours is a failed state and terrorists walk audaciously in your towns.

What hurts is you people backing those terrorists, when you start valuing them more than our peace process, our heart bleeds. When you deny that the terrorists actually operate out of your country, it’s an insult on the dead bodies of our soldiers who die fighting the terrorist sent across the border. I am telling all these to you because you are part of our peace process, otherwise know this Fawad, no country or citizens would allow people to come and be a part of them, from a nation which inflicts terrorism, into its own soil.
You people speak of Indians coming there into your soil and portraying roles in your movie industry? Ah come on! You take already established actors from us and make a film for yourselves not for the sake of getting a lesser known actor from the neighboring country and establishing a career for them. Indian movies are although banned in your country. Anyhow matter is not about that, just got carried away!

Subhash Chandra, MP India and the chairman of Essel groups, you must know him well, it’s through a channel owned by him; ‘Zindagi’ that you got the opportunity to showcase your talent in India and get applauded by us.

“The decision to withdraw the shows on the channel was tough, but we were forced to do it” said Mr. Subhash, after having to stop the shows in the backgrounds of the Uri attack and many such attacks on not only our soil, but on our belief, trust and affection. Zindagi which was a channel started to reach out across the border and telecast your TV shows in our Televisions had done a decent job in standing up to its tagline, ‘Zode dilon ko’.

I suppose that you are not naïve enough to deny the fact that that channel was the reason for you to be here. What astonished and left me heartbroken was when Mr. Subhash Chandra told that all of you people from Pakistan, the artist brigade refused to condemn the Uri attack!

He even went onto say that you guys were given an option to not to mention the name of Pakistan and on a humanitarian ground just to condemn it. These things should never be asked of you, for the amount of love we give to you, we deserve a mere tweet at least, saying terrorism is bad and you stand with the people of the nation, just the way we did with you for your movies. Not that your condemning will do any good for us, but yes! You could have done that.

I do want you out of this country and listen to me carefully why.
Not because you are not condemning the attack, because I am done with all these peace brigades and how it proposes the doctrines in which India has to bend in all the aspects, while your country aids and abets perpetrators of this heinous crime. I do not think your intrusions will stop in Kashmir with this agenda of peace. So we are moving on on this and we have a better plan now a day. We are telling the world how your country sets the stages for Jihadi and other such crimes.
While we conduct this expose on your county’s deeds internationally, we cannot afford to have you here, because peace and aggressive strategy cannot go hand in hand.

The world will be deluded about you being here and we speaking of spoiled relationships with neighbor. Stay out for this period, while we cleanse your acts in border, and we will promise you, we won’t kill the innocent people, we target the bad souls, something which you are highly incapable of. We will meanwhile get the rest of the world to force your government; (whatever left of it) and your army which clearly rules over you to stop doing this act of terrorism.

We will definitely have you back, once the dust settles, once at least this fear of war subsides.
We have always loved you being here and it will stay that way. Even now, our mainstream actors, who although don’t utter about our soldiers getting killed, have come out in blazing colors, opposing you guys being expelled, such is the level of maturity we have.

So in any case you will come back and it makes us happy. Meanwhile you don’t have to condemn anything which is even remotely related to terrorism, you can instead just tell to your people back home, the way we have treated you till date. There have been people from your nation, who claim to be journalists, who are insulting us over the way we have treated you, just place a hand on your heart and you will know, Indians deserve better!
Remember one thing, don’t break our heart till the extent it gets shattered.

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